Laser Tattoo Removal

Our team here live and breathe tattoo removal making us New Zealand’s leading laser tattoo removal clinic.

Carbon Laser Facial Treatment

Increase your skins radiance by improving imperfections, stimulate collagen and create a porcelain doll complexion

Welcome to Tattoo Removals Auckland

Lisa with a patient

We have invested huge amounts of money to provide our valued clients with the latest, leading edge laser technology to ensure the best results every time! We have a range of lasers to choose from depending on the tattoo. This means effective, fast and most importantly safe tattoo removal.

Not only is tattoo removal important to us, so is your health and safety.  This is why we hold a Health Protection License issued by Auckland Council, so that you can rest assured knowing you are in the safest hands!

Our Advantages

Great Results

So… don’t waste your time and money having to have an excessive amount of sessions with an old, outdated laser, used for multiple cosmetic procedures. Pop into see the team at Tattoo Removals, where we can remove your tattoos in a friendly, non judgmental environment and with less pain!

Pain Management

Worried about pain? Relax, You shouldn’t be… An added benefit of having a removal session at Tattoo Removals is that we use a PAIN MANAGEMENT machine, meaning not only do we get the ink off faster – we do it with less pain.


We have a range of leading edge Nd YAG Q Switched Lasers which we choose from depending on the colours and age of your tattoo.  We believe every tattoo removal treatment is different and needs to be treated according to your individual needs. This guarantees nothing but the best results for our clients.

Feel Relaxed

When you pop into the Clinic you will be greeted by our friendly staff who will instantly make you feel at ease, relaxed and comfortable! They are highly trained and has completed comprehensive Laser Safety and Certification courses so that you are in expert, safe hands in a friendly and private environment.

Success Stories

Before and After
Before and After
The secret to success

Treatment stages:

  • Here you can see a bit of her progress and what her tattoo is looking like now!
  • With one or two more sessions and some time this will fade back to nothing.
  • The secret to keeping the number of sessions to a minimum is TIME. Leaving enough time in between each session is important so that your body has plenty of time to flush away all of that pigment.