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When you pop into the Clinic you will be greeted by one of the team who will instantly make you feel at ease, relaxed and comfortable! They are highly trained and have completed comprehensive Laser Safety and Certification courses so that you are in expert, safe hands in a friendly and private environment.

Why Choose Us?

At Laser Tattoo Removals our business philosophy is simple, to do one thing and to do it well…

We believe that every tattoo removal treatment is different and needs to be treated accordingly. Experience and a detailed understanding of the process are necessary in order to ensure safety and the best results for our clients. If you went to a tattooist to get the tattoo put on – don’t make the mistake of going to them to get it taken off! Variables such as skin tone, ink colour, age of the tattoo and other factors must be considered when determining which laser, wavelength, laser spot size and energy levels to use as well as how much healing time should be allowed between treatments. “We” will guide you through this process, educating you fully during the consultation process, in order to help you obtain the best tattoo removal results.

Health Protection LicenseTattoo Removals also holds a Health Protection License issued by Auckland Council.

Cover ups

If you – like many of our clients are dying to replace an old tattoo with a new one, it’s good to know that the cover-up will be much more successful when the existing tattoo is first faded out through the tattoo removal process. Fading the old tattoo will give the tattoo artist a better ‘canvas’ to work on and much more flexibility with the new design, as the old design won’t be showing through. In most cases (depending on the colours used) you will just need two to three treatments before you can start with the new tattoo.

Tattoo Cover Up
Before and After
Before and After
The secret to success

Treatment stages:

  • Here you can see a bit of her progress and what her tattoo is looking like now!
  • With one or two more sessions and some time this will fade back to nothing.
  • The secret to keeping the number of sessions to a minimum is TIME. Leaving enough time in between each session is important so that your body has plenty of time to flush away all of that pigment.
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