Alternative tattoo coverage without the hassle of makeup.

Alternative tattoo coverage without the hassle of makeup.

Hide Ink Tattoo Covers
I stumbled across Hide Ink online one day while on my mission to find the perfect tattoo coverage product and thought it would be worth a try, so we got in touch with the company and they were more than happy to send us a few packs to trial.

Hide Ink is an alternative to makeup when it comes to covering tattoos. Hide ink is a temporary tattoo cover much like a stick on tattoo designed for every day use and is simple and easy to use. They come in a few different shades with 10 sheet covers per pack and all you need to do is cut them to size and apply the same way as you would with a stick on tattoo, all instructions are in the pack and are easy to follow.

I think the idea behind this is fantastic however with my own personal experience the product didn’t look too good on me. This could be down to the fact that I am very pale, the patch that I applied to cover my tattoo was just really visible and I found that it started to crack and look a bit yucky. I don’t think you would notice too much from a distance but from up close it was visibly obvious.

The great thing about this product though is that you can easily build up the coverage and unlike makeup it won’t rub off onto your clothing which is a bonus! Definitely worth a try if you are not a fan of using makeup to cover your tattoos and want something quick and easy to do the trick.
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Here are a few pictures of what it looked like on my skin, it would possibly look better on someone who maybe wasn’t as fair as I am.

Tattoo Removals AucklandThis is the tattoo that I covered with the Hide Ink covers.

Tattoo Removals AucklandTwo layers of the covers as you can see has pretty good coverage, however it just looks far too obviously on my pale skin.

Tattoo Removals AucklandAfter using a little bit of makeup to try and blend it into my skin more.

Tattoo Removals AucklandThis is what the patches look like, you cut them to size and apply just like you would with a stick on tattoo using water and a flannel.