Be sure to shop around.

Be sure to shop around.

In the right hands, laser tattoo removal has proven safe and effective. In the wrong hands, it can inflict more harm than benefit, and there’s no regulation of the industry in the state of Victoria. Paul Georgos has worked with laser technology since the ‘90s. The owner/operator of Doff & Flux was an early adapter of laser eye technology working as an optometrist, and the transition to laser tattoo removal, a burgeoning industry, was a no-brainer. He encourages clients to shop around in order to avoid laser “cowboys”.’

This is an extract from an article I came across the other day and found it a very interesting read as it made some very valid points about laser tattoo removal and doing your research before you choose a clinic.While reading this article I also found the pictures and stories behind peoples tattoos and why they are having them removed very interesting as people generally have such different meanings behind their tattoos and different reasons for wanting them off, it’s always interesting to hear the story behind the tattoo. Take a read for yourself…

Here at Tattoo Removals we highly encourage everyone to do their research on clinics (including our own) before they make the decision to have laser tattoo removal done, we have seen so many horror stories come through and think its so important to NEVER opt for the cheaper option!. In fact one story we can recall was this one young guy who come into our clinic in tears, absolutely traumatized and upset with the several tattoo removal treatments he had been receiving at another clinic. At the other clinic they had been using a cheap Chinese laser which completely scarred his arm leaving him with a raised bubble like three dimensional tattoo, It was such a mess and they hadn’t actually managed to remove much of the ink itself. This one bad decision he made to opt for a cheaper laser option left him scared not only physically but also emotionally and it really changed his life and made him extremely self conscious. Hence the importance of being so wise about where you have these sorts of treatments done!!

Here in Auckland NZ, much like Victoria there are no regulations surrounding Laser tattoo removal hence why it is important to do your research, as any old person off the street could go ahead buy a cheap laser and set up a dodgy clinic to make a few dollars,which is where you need to be really careful. When thinking about laser be sure to enquire as to which lasers they are using and where they are from, if the treatment sounds cheap and too good to be true, it probably is. When it comes to laser tattoo removal you have to be prepared to fork out an extra few dollars to ensure you get the best treatment possible using the most up to date lasers on the market or you could be walking away with much more than you bargained for such as nasty scarring and burning.

We provide all information to clients on the lasers we use here at Tattoo Removals on our website to ensure our clients are always in the know and are aware of exactly what they are paying for – and that is most definitely not a cheap out dated laser – we have invested thousands of dollars in our lasers. When searching for a clinic ensure that you are receiving a full consultation that includes a medical background check to ensure it is safe for you to proceed with the treatment. If they are not providing you with a consultation where they cover medical history you may want to take a look else where.