Astanza Q Switched ND YAGOur Lasers?

The powerful laser operates within different wavelengths allowing us to remove a wide range of ink colours, including the often hard to budge shades of blue and green.


How it works:

The strength and power of the laser allows it to penetrate deep within the layers of the skin and shatter the tattoos ink into smaller particles. From there your body must work to flush the pigment out via your lymphatic system. Because this process all happens within a fraction of a second the laser does not spread to any of the surrounding tissue and is only attracted to the tattoos pigment which means you will be left with no scarring or nasty burns. Worst case scenario, you may develop a few blister spots, which if taken care of properly will clear up within a few days. (After care is always explained during your consultation and you will also be provided with an aftercare sheet to ensure the best outcome after your treatment with us).

What this means to you is that you are guaranteed to get the best laser tattoo removal service with less time, money and pain than other New Zealand providers.

There are many different factors involved in determining how fast your tattoo is able to be removed so you must take the following into consideration;
  • Size of the tattoo
  • Age of the tattoo
  • Colours originally used
  • Depth of the ink within your skin
  • Type of ink used
  • Location of the tattoo
  • Whether it was professionally done or homemade
  • Your general level of health
  • Whether you are a smoker or not
Please be aware that laser tattoo removal is not a magic wand and is a long process in general in which you must have patience with as well as realistic expectations. The laser sessions must be combined with your own good general level of health and correct spacing in between sessions for the best results.
Check out this video to see tattoo removal in action!
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