Pain Management

Fear is no longer an excuse for not getting rid of that unwanted tattoo because at Tattoo Removals we offer a much more comfortable and bearable removal experience by using our excellent pain management machine which happens to be the best on the market.
For your comfort we use the Zimmer Cryo 6 cooling system. The Zimmer delivers cyrogenically
generated cold air to the treatment area eliminating a lot of the discomfort you would usually expect during a laser session. The system is designed to extract the heat from the area, minimize swelling and decrease your recovery time.

When used in conjunction with our leading edge laser it really is a match made in laser heaven, which no other Kiwi clinic can beat!

Zimmer Cryo 6

If pain is something you are quite concerned about and are still not 100% convinced…To ensure the experience is as pain free as possible you can also apply a topical numbing cream to the area that is to be treated an HOUR before your visit (No more than one and half hours before and no less than one hour). Alternatively, you may also take pain killers half an hour before your treatment.

Emla Numbing Cream

We recommend using ‘Emla’ numbing cream which has been tried and tested by us, when applied CORRECTLY (yes, there is a specific way it must be applied) it has amazing numbing results. You can purchase this cream at most pharmacies.

How to correctly apply Emla numbing cream
Tattoo Removals Auckland

Get your ink off in a friendly, non judgmental environment with less pain!