Picosure Laser

As New Zealand’s leading Tattoo Removal Clinic we have fully researched the laser market, we have chosen the tried and true ND Yag Q Switched laser which has been proven to be the most effective on the market to remove unwanted tattoos.
The facts speak for themselves with ongoing class action lawsuits against manufacturer Cynosure for the PicoSure laser who claim their effectiveness, unfortunately clients are out of pocket and in some cases left with permanent skin damage.
This is an interesting article from one PicoSure owner in Sydney, worth a read:



‘The technology is not ready’: Sydney doctor alleges $370,000 tattoo removal laser was a dud.

A SYDNEY doctor is suing the maker of a “revolutionary” tattoo removal laser,
claiming he was tricked into spending $370,000 on a machine that didn’t work.
A REVOLUTIONARY laser that promised to remove tattoos in as few as four treatments was a $370,000 dud with a success rate of barely over 1 per cent, a lawsuit claims.
Dr Keith Kolodzej, who ran tattoo removal clinic Dr Pico in the Sydney suburb of Darlinghurst until closing down late last year, is suing manufacturer Cynosure for allegedly misleading him about the effectiveness of its Picosure tattoo removal laser.
“We bought it four years ago under the idea that this machine was going to perform miracles, or at least work well,” he said.

But after three years and 497 patients with an average four treatments each, compared with as many as 15 for a traditional machine, Dr Kolodzej says the machine only performed seven complete tattoo removals.

“Seven people out of 497 is pretty pathetic,” he said.

“Yes, it did fade a lot of tattoos; some people are happy with that and that’s OK. We had maybe two people we’ve refunded, but most people know we bought an expensive machine and tried our best to make it work.

In a since deleted Facebook post from April 2014, Cynosure said the “revolutionary technology allows you to achieve unparalleled tattoo removal in just two to six treatments”. But according to the 43-year-old, it barely worked from day one.
He’s suing Cynosure to get back the $370,000 he spent on the laser, the cost of setting up his business, plus lost wages he could have earned working as a locum doctor during the three years he ran his tattoo clinic — significantly more than the cost of the laser itself.
Dr Kolodzej said there were about 35 Picosure lasers in Sydney and up to 75 clinics used them nationally. He said many had since been in contact with him and “they’re not happy with their machine”.

“I want to show the world that it’s not any better than the lasers that cost $10,000,” he said.

A notice posted on the Dr Pico website and outside the clinic reads: “Oh no! Dr Pico is closing down. Thank you to all our wonderful clients over the years.

“Unfortunately, our PicoSure laser simply did not perform as promised. And now it does not perform at all. Thus we are taking our issues with cynosure to the courtroom.