Six MYTHS about laser tattoo removal put to rest.

Six MYTHS about laser tattoo removal put to rest.

I came across this great article this morning; ‘six myths you should know about tattoo removal’ and thought it was worth a share as there are so many myths out there about how laser scars and is unsafe which is all completely false! Check it out here:

There are so many horror stories out there about laser tattoo removal and many of these stories have come from people who have visited clinics which don’t have the best equipment or their lasers were great back in the day however they are now old and out dated and just not really doing the job properly anymore. If you do your research and go to a clinic with a good name and up to date lasers and equipment there is just no excuse to be another one of those horror stories.

Here this article puts some of these myths out there to rest, like for example… scarring. You should NEVER scar. If you are going to a reputable clinic who have spent a decent sum of money on their equipment to ensure patient safety and the best outcome every time you should absolutely never scar and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Here in the clinic we see so many people coming in with nasty scars and it’s just so sad because a good quality laser machine will never leave you scared which indicates that where they have been the lasers have either been cheap or completely out of date. It makes us so upset that they could have visited us in this first place and avoided the scaring that they are now going to be left with for the rest of their lives. – Hence why we urge people to do their research before they go anywhere!

Why you should never scar: if the machine is up to date it should run very fast which means that it penetrates the skin and exits the skin within a matter of nano seconds meaning there is not enough time to damage any of the surrounding tissue and will only target the tattoo’s pigment. If the machine is very old or cheap it may run slower which means there is time for the laser to possibly cause damage. Always opt for someone who uses an up to date and EXPENSIVE laser machine, here at Tattoo removals we use a Astanza Q-Switched ND YAG laser which we have imported from the US, and in which we have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in, as it is one of the best laser machines currently on the market. Be sure to do your research!

As for the people trying to sell tattoo removal creams out there, these do NOT work people. Yes, they may fade your tattoo slightly however to effectively remove a tattoo the ink pigment need to be shattered into tiny particles in order for your body to then absorb the pigment. In order for this to happen something needs to be able to penetrate deep enough into the skin to do so… which creams can not do.

I hope this article has opened some peoples eyes and made them aware that laser is a completely safe and very effective way to remove tattoos when you visit a reputable clinic with a good laser, there is no need to see laser as something to be afraid of anymore.